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Welcome to Schepin d.o.o., where, guided by expertise and personal commitment, we are dedicated to shaping sustainable business stories. Your success is our fundamental mission, and cooperation with you is a special experience that we build together.

Kada radiš, radi kako treba! usluge šumarstvo poljprivreda trgovina uvoz izvoz savjetovanje investicije When you work, work properly! services, forestry, agriculture, trade, import, export, consulting, investments Wenn Sie arbeiten, arbeiten Sie richtig! Dienstleistungen, Forstwirtschaft, Landwirtschaft, Handel, Import, Export, Beratung, Investitionen Quando lavori, lavora bene! servizi, silvicoltura, agricoltura, commercio, importazione, esportazione, consulenza, investimenti عندما تعمل، اعمل بشكل صحيح! الخدمات والغابات والزراعة والتجارة والاستيراد والتصدير والاستشارات والاستثمارات

Our story

Starting as a personal farm in 2015, we quickly recognized the challenges that come with such an approach. Wanting to achieve stability in unpredictable economic conditions, we made the decision to establish a company that has the ability to operate in multiple sectors. Through years of experience in agriculture, active business development and acquisition of professional knowledge, we have become experts in various fields.

Our experience has not only resulted in diverse knowledge, but we have also practically applied it within our own business. Over time, our competences have attracted attention at the local level, expanded to the county level, and now we are proud to provide business consulting services even at the international level. In addition, we have opened the doors of cooperation with external investors, enabling them to access our professional knowledge and experience in order to achieve successful investments in agriculture and related sectors.

Our story is not only about company development, but also about providing value to the community, encouraging innovation and contributing to sustainable development in agriculture and related sectors.

Business volume

We started cultivating 2 hectares of land, and today we manage more than 100 hectares of our own land and provide services on an additional 67 hectares. Our mission and vision are directed towards the full exploitation of agricultural potential. With regard to more than 400,000 hectares of unused agricultural land in Croatia, our long-term experience and specialization in the restoration of neglected agricultural areas place us at the center of this mission. By using professional machines and hiring professional staff, we are able to respond to every challenge in realizing the potential of the agricultural sector.

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