We welcome you to explore the wide range of high-quality services that our company provides in the fields of agriculture, forestry, business consulting and investment advice. With an expert team dedicated to achieving excellence, we offer comprehensive services that support your business goals.

With us as a partner, you can count on expertise, commitment and a comprehensive approach that will help you achieve successful results in your business. Welcome to the world of our services, where your success becomes our mission.

  • ecological production of animal feed (suitable for cows, horses, sheep, goats, camels, donkeys, llamas...)
  • professional ecological production of hay (sown grasses, alfalfa and dts); current production of 740 tons of dry hay per year
  • grain production (maize, barley, triticale, oats)
  • preparation of mixtures for feeding and fattening of certain types of animals
  • grain mixture with a large proportion of oats (horses, goats, sheep, camels, donkeys...)
  • ground mixture with a large proportion of corn (cows, bulls)
  • ecological certificate
  • export to GCC countries (Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman)
  • business cooperation
Services in agriculture:
  • soil renewal (cleaning/mulching neglected agricultural plots)
  • services with modern agricultural machinery (cleaning and soil preparation for sowing, ploughing, rotating, sowing, mowing, baling)
  • establishment of fences to protect animals
  • consultation

  • production of firewood
  • hornbeam, beech, oak, cer, OTB
  • production of wood chips/mulch
  • forestry work performance services
  • sale of firewood
  • sale of wood biomass
  • cleaning services and marketing of wood biomass
  • mulching with a forestry mulcher
  • making forest skid road
  • business cooperation
Services in forestry:
  • various services in forestry
  • forest cutting, hauling, transport, crushing/chipping/chipping, mulching, habitat preparation, planting
  • subcontractors in the production of wood pellets
  • sale of firewood, multimeter, metric, box pallets, pellets, wood chips
  • export to GCC countries (Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman)
  • land clearing
  • exploitation of wood stands
  • procurement of seedlings, guards and wooden stakes
  • design services, drilling and planting seedlings, completion of the project
Construction machinery services:
  • preparation of building foundations
  • excavations
  • embankments
  • skid road
  • breaking roads
  • leveling the terrain
  • demolition of buildings
  • cleaning and arrangement of building surfaces
  • Import/Export verschiedener Produkte und Waren (EU GCC)
  • Do you want to market your products in Arab countries? Arab trade is based on the principles of "wasta", which means that the most important thing is acquaintance. We can be your mediator because we have direct acquaintance with people from various business segments.
  • In a need of agricultural land? Bigger, or smaller area?
  • In a need of consulting regarding agricultural investing?
  • Want to pull EU fond assets?
  • In a need of land conversion and culture preparation?
  • Want to take over a completely organized agricultural business?
Business Advisory
  • Need to start a business?
  • Interested in EU fonds and how to pull assets?
  • Which culture can yield best on your land?
  • Which regulations can you expect in the future?
  • Want to take over a running business with agricultural land?
  • Interested in turnkey system of business development?

We provide complete and best service in the industry.

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